Hi! I write, perform, direct, and produce comedy. Sometimes the comedy is live on stage, sometimes it's been taped or streamed. A good chunk of it has been little throwaway jokes in between rounds of some of your favorite video games. Here's a sampling of my favorite stuff and some of the upcoming projects I'm really excited to show you. 


My second shot at directing a web series, this time written and starring Elizabeth Schantz as a truly horrible teenage boy, Branley. Check out the first episode below, and the rest of series on Branley's personal Youtube channel.


A web series about a young millennial trying to make it in the big city who has a best friend that is also her roommate and also a saltine cracker. Written and starring Ellie Race-Moore and directed by me. Watch all episodes on Saltine's vimeo page

Cheers The Show: The Show

It's a live show consisting of a cast of actors performing a series of original and imagined cold opens written by some of the funniest comedians and writers of TODAY. The show first ran at The Public House Theater in Chicago but has also appeared at The Annoyance and UCB. Its run at the Lyric Hyperion Theater in Los Angeles and was named one of the "Best Comedy Things" of 2018 by The Comedy Bureau. Here are some fun pics from past shows!

Jude News

Jude News was presented as a satirical news show, but rarely resembled one. It always felt more like an unedited, fever-dream-fueled episode of Double Dare than any spoof of the news of the day. It ran weekly on first Facebook Live and then Twitch in 2017. Live, unrehearsed, and totally joyful, it was a highlight to write and perform on this show (It was even produced by Funny Or Die... NEAT!)

Jude News Crew.jpg

Company Men

A collection of videos I wrote for and with Company Men as a member from 2015–2018. The group hosted a monthly variety show at UCB Sunset and their sketch pilot Company Men was an official selection at the New York Television Festival in 2017.