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Brian Rodriguez-McGovern is a comedian, writer, director and illustrator living in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Chicago by his Southside Ecuadorian mom and Northside Irish dad, he feels most at home in the exact geographical center of the city — inside of the abandoned Lids on Michigan Ave.


Brian “cut his teeth” (industry term) performing sketch and improv at iO Chicago, The Annoyance Theater, and Upstairs Gallery. While in Chicago he was a cast member of critically acclaimed shows and comedy collectives including Holy Fuck Chicago, The Other Other Guys, and Kill All Comedy.


Brian has also written for comedic video games YOU DON’T KNOW JACK and the Jack Party Pack series, Funny or Die’s Jude News, and has been featured in medium-profile things like McSweeney’s and the New York Television Festival. 


He also knows, through years of mind-numbing day jobs, that in order to have meaningful impact on search engine indexing, each page needs to have at least 200 RELEVANT WORDS. So here are some things that seem relevant to who Brian is and what he is about:


Bruce Springsteen, carnitas, jean jacket, Chicago Cubs, beer, Cheers, Frasier, indie music from 2005–2012, Muppets.


So anyways, that was a solid 200. The rest of this is just pure, delicious gravy, baby. If you want to hire Brian for something, check out his Art or Comedy page.